Where does the journey of and with Airbnb lead?

In mid-November Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, presented news of the probably most famous sharing economy platform. Customers are now able to experience very “personal“ and “magic“ journeys that are offered on the Airbnb platform. The so called “trips“ combine the opportunity of overnight stays at flat/houses of private people with offers of locals, to get to know their city or region from their perspective. For example, the former prison guard of Nelson Mandela talks about his time during the 27 years long imprisonment of the Nobel Peace Prize winner throughout a tour on Robben Island.

These so called “experiences“ are rounded off by the opportunity to get to know extraordinary places apart from the classic routes. The locals show their “magic“ places here, too. Kelly Slater, a pro-surfer, reveals the spots, where all the cool surfers from Malibu are hanging out and which clubs & bars are hip. Additionally audio walks are offered in cooperation with Dertour. These walks provide GPS-controlled information about the environment you are travelling.

Travelers should gain their very individual experiences on their customized trips, that stand out from the offers of the classical tour operators. In that way, Airbnb tries to move away from a simple homestay network in order to get more influence on the entire travel planning of the customers. What kind of impact will that have on the mainstream tourism providers? How will the numbers of overnight stays, that are booked via Airbnb, change during the next months? Is Airbnb a nice addition to the touristic portfolio of a region or are other accommodations mainly crowded out? How do these new offers affect travel companies?


AirbnbMonitor – Analysen

The AirbnbMonitor gives answers to these questions and to many more. We use the data of Airbnb and correlate them to geographical, touristic and sociodemographic factors. Our analyses inform about the geographical concentration of offers, active accommodation providers, as well as Airbnb’s influence on housing space and classical tourist offers.

Link to the presentation of Brian Chesky